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The Inspection

  • Inspections take place within a 50Kms radius of Freshwater in Sydney, though we also provide special quotes for areas outside that region.
    (Please see the prices: motorbike inspections Sydney for more details). N.B. We only perform pre-purchase, not post-purchase inspections or pink slips.
  • They are booked in advance for a pre-arranged time during daylight hours. (We usually require at least 24 hours notice).
  • We meet prospective buyers at the Vendor’s address to inspect the bike. (It’s optional for the buyer to be present
    at the inspection: the verdict will immediately be relayed afterwards).
  • We spend at least one hour performing a comprehensive inspection of the bike.
  • We scrutinise the bike’s history to highlight any dubious aspects and examine its’ service record and mileage authenticity.
  • We pinpoint any problems, or dangerous defects with the motorcycle.
  • We check that the bike is performing as it should, is safe and if it’s fully roadworthy and legal, we take it for a test ride (if it’s registered).
  • With our extensive knowledge of all models, we are aware of their known faults and specifically target our inspection towards those areas.
  • We highlight any components that need attention and the approximate cost of any outlay needed on the bike. Also, any work that needs doing immediately.
  • We can tell the difference between a genuinely good bike and one that is just dressed up to look good.
  • We recognise the importance of ensuring the bike is safe and also securing the best deals for our clients.
  • We state the correct market value of the bike and negotiate with the Vendor.
  • In most cases, we manage to save the client the cost of our inspection, and in some cases, a whole lot more.

Details of what we inspect is included in the following motorcycle inspections report page