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Motorcycle Inspection: Prices
We provide excellent value for money and peace of mind with over 30 years of motorcycle experience.
Our meticulous inspection can save a lot of money on accident bills, replacement parts or dud bikes.

Prices are very affordable, starting at only $249.95 for the comprehensive verbal verdict and numerous photos for all inspections within a 1km radius of Freshwater, NSW 2096.
Then $1 per km. e.g. an inspection 10kms from there (which is a 20km round trip) would be just $269.95.

An optional, very extremely detailed 6 page written report is available for just an additional $74.95. (N.B. It’s not just a standard one page with generic tick boxes, but it’s in-depth and specifically tailored to the particular bike).

We usually travel within a 50km radius of Freshwater, but individual quotes can be reduced for lengthy distances (i.e over 50kms).

If you’d like a quick quote for the best possible inspection service, click to call now: 0402 294330

Further contact details, including our Customer Service email address, can be found on our contact page