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Terms of Service

Motorcycle Inspection: Terms of Service 
We hope you find our advice useful and informative.

Some Important Information about your report.

We check:

All components / cycle parts that are within view without stripping the bike down far beyond its current state.
We report visible / audible defects that appear during the inspection and road test, not any that may arise after subsequent riding.
Engine and frame number compatibility to expose suspicious vehicles.
When the vehicle last had a full service & the availability of a service history.

All the points included under the subsections in this report, as follows:

1. Motorcycle Identification and authenticity
2. Registered owner authenticity
3. Maintenance history
4. Engine\Gearbox (not stripped)\clutch\final drive chain\rear sprocket
5. Frame
6. Suspension
7. Steering
8. Brakes
9. Wheels\Tyres
10. Lights\Indicators
11. Console (including recorded mileage authenticity)
12. Cosmetics (including evidence of any crash\drop damage)
13. Misc (including any illegal aspects of the bike, or signs of being “re-birthed”)
14. Indications of being used to race\on track days
15. Comparison of advertised price against market value
16. Overall attention given to the bike (including service history)
17. Comments (the inspector’s view of the bike)
18. Summary (including any money that needs to be out-layed)
19. Conclusion (including any work that needs doing immediately)
20. Verdict (our view on whether we think the bike’s worth purchasing)

We don’t check:
The internal engine components that can’t be viewed without lengthy disassembly in a workshop. We provide a separate service for this.
All care is taken to ensure that the engine is functioning correctly by checking for unusual sounds, erratic performance, excess smoke, oil leaks, gearbox, EFI / carburetion behaviour etc.
Unfortunately, it’s not possible to check for excessive oil / petrol consumption during our road test that’s performed within locality of the Vendor’s address.

Privacy Information: We have collated your personal information in order to provide you with this motorcycle inspection report.
Subject to the Privacy Act 1988, we will happily provide you with the personal information that we have collected.
This may also be obtained by e-mailing us at: MIS Customer Service.
Your information will not be dispersed to any third parties or used for unsolicited marketing purposes.

Terms of Service: This report does not provide any guarantee or warranty for any purpose and is valid only at the date of inspection.
M.I.S takes every care to ensure that our clients are entirely satisfied with the advice provided within our report.
Even so, it remains just that and the decision to purchase the vehicle is taken entirely at the discretion of the client, who does so entirely at his/her own risk.
M.I.S cannot be held responsible for any incident arising from the client’s decision to purchase the vehicle. Please sign below.
I hereby confirm comprehension and acceptance of the above stated MIS Terms of Service:

Signed:                                                                                                 Dated:

(We don’t provide a sample report due to the possibility of it being replicated and used independently, which would infringe upon existing copyrights.
Though our report is a very comprehensive 7 page one, tailored to the particular bike, rather than just a single, generic page with some ticked check-boxes).