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The Report

We prevent impulse purchases and thus aim to prevent clients from having unnecessary accidents, buying lemons or being ripped-off by unscrupulous Vendors.

We provide an extremely comprehensive verbal verdict with a free PPSR certificate and many photos as well as an optional, additional, very detailed 6 page, 50 point report for $75, which is tailored for that particular model of bike. (N.B. It’s not just a standard generic 1 page report with a few tick boxes).

The comprehensive verdict is immediately given by ‘phone if the client isn’t at the inspection. It takes about half an hour to provide all the details. If the written report is also required, it’s usually e-mailed within 24 hours of the inspection.

The following details are examined during the meticulous inspection:

1. Motorcycle identification and authenticity (inc. outstanding finance and stolen check)
2. Registered owner authenticity
3. Maintenance history
4. Engine\Gearbox (not stripped)\clutch\final drive chain\rear sprocket
5. Frame
6. Suspension
7. Steering
8. Brakes
9. Wheels\Tyres
10. Lights\Indicators
11. Console (including recorded mileage authenticity)
12. Cosmetics (including evidence of any crash\drop damage)
13. Misc (including any illegalities, such being a re-repairable write-off or having signs of being “re-birthed”)
14. Indications of being used to race\on track days
15. Comparison of price against official market value after having negotiated the best price
16. Overall attention given to the bike (including service history)
17. Comments (the inspector’s view of the bike)
18. Summary (including any money that needs to be out-layed)
19. Conclusion (including any work that needs doing immediately)
20. Verdict (our view on whether we think the bike’s worth purchasing)

(We don’t provide a sample report due to the possibility of it being replicated and used independently, which would infringe upon our existing copyrights).

We aim for every client to get the best possible deal and be entirely satisfied with his/her purchase for years to come.

Details of our pricing is included in the following motorcycle inspection prices page.