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Testimonials are now being posted on our Google business listing (for which we have a 5 star rating)

"So very glad I called and booked Paul, people don't go anywhere else. He is so thorough and looks and check everything, Good old fashion service like it should be, Thank you again."
Sam V
"Thanks, Paul, for your awesome service. I found you to be very professional, thorough and prompt throughout the whole process of the inspection, from the time of contacting you first up, until completion with full report/photos sent through. This was also expressed to me through the prospective seller. I would have no hesitation in strongly recommending prospective bike buyers to use your service. An excellent experience overall!"
Andrew H
"5 star service. Paul did the inspection on a Sunday which meant a quick and trouble free purchase for me. Many thanks"
Michael B
"I had a very good experience with Paul for the bike inspection. He was very professional and on time. The attention to detail was good and pointed out all the after purchase expense I should be expecting. I was new to bikes so did not have much info but lots of questions. Paul was very friendly and answered all my questions in detail and I was very satisfied with the service I received. I would highly recommend him especially for people who do not know much about the bikes. "
Shoaib B
"It was great meeting Paul, he provided a thorough and easy going process. He was very knowledgeable in his service and we couldn't be happier with the outcome, now riding happily and safely thanks to Paul."Paul was friendly and very knowledgeable. A premier inspection service".
Alex K
"I am very happy with the service I received from Paul at MIS. From my initial contact, right through to sending me his completed and detailed report and photos, his communication was frequent, his pricing appealing and his thorough inspection process was outstanding. Paul inspected things on the bike I would never have thought of checking and in the end, I was able to utilise his written report as a bargaining tool in reducing the purchase price to a price I was very happy to pay. When it comes to forking out thousands on a 2nd hand bike, spending a couple of hundred getting someone as thorough as Paul to inspect it, is wisdom."For the money spent the peace of mind was worth every cent. Thank you MIS – I would definitely use you again and recommend others to do likewise".
Dan F
"I am very satisfied with the care and attention to detail in the inspection report and found your service to be first rate. Would definitely recommend to anyone considering a purchase, well worth the small investment for additional information and piece of mind."
Toby H
"Once again thanks for your timely service and attention to detail mate. Very good."
Paul G
"Outstanding, professional, quality service.. worth every cent to help you buy your dream bike. Paul helped me out so much. Being from Queensland he made buying a bike easy with piece of mind that I wasn’t buying a lemon!!"
Matthew D
"I used MIS as I’m an interstate buyer the service provided was exceptional, the photos and report showed everything I was after. Paul also negotiated a better price from the buyer, and gave me some great information as to how to handle a secure hand over and transport. MIS went above and beyond. Thanks."
David G
"I am a beginner rider and I asked Paul to do a pre-inspection of my very first motorbike. Paul was a professional in every respect. Right from the start he was prompt in responding to my queries. At the inspection, he was patient and took the time to show me what he was inspecting and his initial thoughts. He helped me negotiate a price post inspection, which took into account an estimate of the costs of the work a mechanic would need to put in after purchase. The follow up written report of the inspection was detailed but easy to digest and a good reminder of what I would need a mechanic to fix. Throughout the process, Paul was thorough and friendly and I enjoyed attending the pre-purchase inspection and learnt a thing or two about the bike. His timeliness, professionalism and willingness to share invaluable tips to a new beginner is a credit to him as a person and also made my first ever bike purchase a smooth, stress-free and happy event."
Ada K
"I highly recommend MIS when purchasing a second hand motor bike. It represents great value and peace of mind. Paul even negotiated a lower price on the bike for me which more than covered the cost of inspection and report. Paul was very prompt and professional from the get-go. I think I called him on Thursday and I had his verbal report by Saturday lunch time, and written report the next day. He is very knowledgable about bikes and obviously has a passion for this. The guy I bought my Ducati 748 from noted to me how thorough Paul was with his inspection. The other good thing I would note about getting a professional inspection with MIS, is that it removes you from the emotional side of the purchase. You know, sometimes when I go to look at a nice old car or bike for sale, I get all caught up how beautiful the machine is and how cool I will look riding it down the high street. Getting an MIS inspection takes all that out of it so that you make a more sound investment / purchase."
Steve B
"The whole process of contacting, discussing my requirements and booking MIS was excellent and very professional. The inspection was also very thorough and gave me great confidence from interstate to go ahead with the purchase. Even the seller really appreciated their professional approach and spoke highly of their conduct"
Brendon C
"MIS was very helpful in inspecting and thoroughly reporting on a motorbike I was not able to see myself. Being in South-East Victoria, Paul allowed me to virtually be there with his professionalism and expertise. I definately would use MIS for my next interstate motorbike purchase!"
Josh W
"Great job, obviously a very thorough examination was undertaken that has given me the opportunity for a very well informed decision on my purchase. You have noted numerous observations that I would not have picked up and give me confidence in the service you provide. Cheers Tom."
Tom D
"If you're thinking of buying a bike and need it checked, do yourself a favour and get get Paul from MIS to inspect it for you. Paul was incredibly professional to deal with and flexible with locations and times for inspection. The comprehensive report provides great peace of mind to know you're buying a bike well informed of its condition. Couldn't recommend this service and Paul highly enough."
Tristan K
"An exceptionally amiable, professional and efficient service that was worth every cent. From my initial enquiry to the completion of the inspection took literally a few hours and I was called promptly with detailed verbal feedback. The full written report arrived the next day and was clear, instructive and thorough. I would recommend Paul to anybody who is purchasing a motorcycle and wants an expert eye cast over it before they part with their hard earned cash. His service is fantastic value for money and highly reassuring. Fantastic!"
Scott C
"I highly recommend using MIS. Paul is not only very knowledgeable and passionate about motorbikes, he's also very easy to deal with. The booking process was simple and the service well priced, considering the detail of the report. The report is detailed, clearly worded and filled with useful and important information. Ample photographs clearly showing each and every angle of the bike, it's general condition and also any accessories accompany the report. Money well spent if you consider the headaches Paul's report could save you down the track. I wouldn't hesitate to use MIS again for any future bike purchases."
Luke A
"Thanks for today. I found your report to be thorough and your customer service impeccable. Buying second hand can be stressful enough let alone buying from interstate without viewing the bike. I can know but my dream bike and be confident that every possible aspect has been fastidiously check and reported back to me. Thanks once again I will definitely recommend to others."
Ahmed A
"Thank you for your detailed report and your prompt service, I will be certain to refer to your company to my biker friends in the future."
Russell M
"I booked a pre purchase inspection with MIS because I wanted to buy a second hand motorbike, but was a bit sceptical of the conditions. Paul inspected the motorbike on a Saturday and the service provided to me was simply outstanding. Great final report and service from MIS, which I would highly recommend for pre-purchase inspections not only for the professionalism, but also because of the objective final opinion given to the customer."
Vittorio A
"From the first phone call about how it works to the phone call after inspection, Paul was professional, informative and helpful... Would recommend to anyone needing this kind of service."
Sebouh B
"Thanks for your help. You've made this process easy and engendered real trust in your knowledge. The thorough report and the time you took to go over it meant we avoided buying a lemon. Thank goodness we asked you to do an inspection."
Paul H
"Great service! It was a smooth and quick process. Paul is very capable and friendly."
Jeromino de V
"As an interstate purchaser, I cannot speak highly enough of the professional service and value for money that Paul and MIS provides. Paul took the time to listen and understand my requirements, and the prompt inspection and follow-up report and phone call was detailed and very professional and friendly. Paul even negotiated the price down with the seller, which more than covered the cost of his service. I thoroughly recommend Paul and MIS, and will definitely use them again if buying in NSW."
Matt W
"A huge thank you to Paul at MIS. After a long search I found the perfect bike, only problem was it wasn't in my state. A quick search around brought me to the MIS website. I'd never used a service like the one Paul offers, but after talking to him initially on the phone any doubts or concerns were quickly put to rest. Paul went above and beyond helping me with the inspection of the motorcycle. I was concerned about buying the bike site unseen. But the meticulously detailed report and a plethora of photos really did make it feel as though I had seen the bike. I would highly recommend his service to anyone looking to purchase a secondhand motorcycle. Thanks again."
Nick H
"Thanks Paul for your great service. Very thorough report and pictures returned, seller of the bike was impressed with your professionalism and attention to detail. Would happily recommend this service to other bike purchasers. We have happily decided to purchase the bike."
Tim F
"I engaged Paul from MIS to inspect a motorbike for me as I was not within many hours drive of the sellers address. Paul made all the arrangements with the seller, did a detailed inspection, including frame and engine number checks, and took the bike for a test ride. Immediately following this I received a detailed verbal report by phone and the day after received a full written report with illustrative photographs. Pauls prompt service, depth of knowledge and attention to detail has been invaluable in assisting me to make an informed decision on the purchase of what is for me, a new bike.Thanks Paul!"
Dave C
"After not riding for quite some years and not confident to inspect a bike myself I engaged Paul to do a pre-purchase inspection. He was prompt in his reply and booking. Received a very detail and honest report with many items I would never would have thought to check. Even the guys at the bike shop where it was on consignment were impressed with how diligent he was. Definitely the best investment you could make before handing over your hard earned cash for a lemon."
Steve B
"Thank you Motorcycle Inspection Services I am very happy with my new bike. I found a bike I was interested in but I live in Queensland and the bike was in NSW. The Photos of the bike posted online looked OK and the owner was convincing about the bikes condition etc. but I wanted a professional opinion. I contacted Paul from MIS and from the first conversation I knew that I was dealing with a thorough professional. Paul inspected the bike within a few days and promptly contacted me by phone with a general run down. Soon after I received a detailed report including many photos. The report includes everything a prospective buyer needs to know including valuation, any initial or immediate work required to any possible repairs down the road. He will even negotiate with the owner on your behalf. I was purchasing an older Classic bike so was concerned about purchasing without seeing or riding the bike for myself. Speaking with Paul immediately after his inspection and upon receiving the report I was totally confident in proceeding with the purchase. The bike arrived just today it looks and runs great, I'm so pleased that I contacted Paul from MIS"
Mike W
"Thank you Paul for the recent motorcycle inspection. Your service and subsequent report has been most helpful in assisting in my decision to purchase a second hand bike from a dealer. It has given me all the information I require to make an informed and educated decision. Your professional and courteous manner in helping me through the process of the purchase has made the decision much easier. Thank you for your time and expertise"
Hugh S
"I contacted Paul after finding my dream ride in Sydney, when I am based south of Melbourne. Paul was very easy to deal with and very organised in his process of booking, and interacting with the seller. He kept me well informed as to where he was at with the time line, and how the inspection would be carried out. Once inspected, Paul rang me immediately and spoke at length of his findings. This was followed up with stacks of photos and a very thorough report. Paul's extensive product knowledge backed with depth of experience is obvious in his delivery of the appraisal. From current market value, expected future expenses, to his overall evaluation of the Bike. I am extremely happy with my choice to engage his service, and have confidence to progress with my purchase. Use this service with confidence.AAA+."
Tony R
"I looked at a bike on gumtree and worked out a price with the owner, I could not believe how much I was saving in the process. However, me not being an expert of the bikes, I called in Paul for help. I had to google him out ;), to be honest from the very first conversation I was put at ease, I was 100% confident from there on. Paul worked out a time with the owner as well as myself, he also managed to give me the name of the person who could assist with transport. When the inspection day came, Paul was at the residence on time. He did his work ethically, and provided sound advice. In the whole process, I ended up saving AUD $2500.00 which is FANTASTIC !! I would whole heartedly recommend Paul to anyone who is looking for a bargain and to get the bike condition report to high level of accuracy. I assure you that Paul with his experience will provide you an enjoyable journey to your new bike."
Bibu T
"I contacted Paul from MIS about a bike I was thinking about purchasing in Sydney, but living interstate found it more cost effective to engage Paul to do the inspection. MIS's inspection was the best way to go, Paul provided a report complimented by a couple of phone discussions about the pros and cons of the purchase. I would recommend anyone who is thinking of investing in a motorcycle engage Paul, unless you are an experience and mechanically minded rider it is more than likely Paul's inspection will be more comprehensive than your own."
Wes W
"Dear Paul, thank you for your thorough and professional service. The report and images you sent were comprehensive and gave me full confidence in purchasing the bike, in essence, you made a process that could have been fraught with anxiety, an enjoyable experience, thanks to you and your team, Steve - Melbourne"
Steve D
"I was looking for a Ducati and one I particularly liked was in Sydney, although a bit hesitant buying interstate. I had read the testimonials of Motorcycle Inspection Services and this business seemed to have many happy customers.I contacted Paul, he was very friendly and gave me a complete run down of the service he provides. I made a booking with him for the potential purchase. The communication between Paul, myself and the seller was awesome. The full report was fast, highly detailed and included pictures. Anyone contemplating an interstate purchase, I could not recommend any one better than MIS!"
Scott C
"I called Paul from Mis and from the get go he was professional and very efficient in arranging a time to view a scooter I was interested in purchasing. After review, I spoke to him and the level of detail in which he described the potential issues and benefits in the potential purchase gave me a lot of confidence in my decision to buy. This, followed by the equally detailed report I was sent the very next day, helped me to negotiate a fair price with the owner and I am pleased to say I am now the proud owner of a new Honda (and lots of fun times ahead!!)"
Daniela R
"Buying motorcycles interstate may seem risky, but when you find a service like the one run by Paul at Motorcycle Inspection Services you can be confident of your purchase even though personally 'sight unseen'. Right from the very first conversation, Paul shows a genuine interest in your specific needs, and you tell by the conversation that he knows bikes and knows what he is talking about. The complete service is provided without fuss and very efficiently. Well done Paul!"
Nevin W
"Paul from MIS was an absolute joy to work with. From the moment I contacted him I knew all the reviews I read about him were spot on. He was knowledgeable, understanding and most of all, very flexible. In the leadup to the inspection I had contacted him a number of times to change details and what times for the inspection etc, but it didn't phase him. He was able to accommodate for my needs which was paramount for me as taking time off from work isn't that easy. On the day of the inspection, the weather wasn't ideal but again, he was unphased. He went over the bike with a fine tooth comb, pointing out the things I would need to take care of should I choose to purchase the bike, as well as giving his honest and frank opinion. I highly recommend Paul for anyone who is in the market for a bike that they have their heart set on. Paul was the icing on the cake for me and his enthusiasm in the bike and the price I was getting it for solidified that I was making the right choice. Paul's pricing is also extremely reasonable and fair given the time and effort and lengths he goes to, to ensure that you have all the information you need to make the right decision. Thanks for everything mate, and I'll surely be passing on your details for anyone I know looking for a motorbike inspector. 10/10!"
Joe B
"Very friendly and professional service. The inspection was conducted thoroughly and I gained valuable knowledge after having my first motorcycle inspected by Paul. Also a great help with price negotiation which saved me $'s. Could not ask for more - highly recommended!"
Chris P
"Paul at MIS was a great help with my recent motorcycle purchase. I found a bike interstate for a great price but was unable to complete inspection by myself and was unsure of buying a bike unseen. I called Paul at MIS and immediately felt confident in his ability to check the bike on my behalf. Paul then arranged an inspection time with the seller the following day. After the inspection Paul called and gave me all the details I needed to make a decision on purchasing the bike, which was then followed up with a comprehensive report and photos emailed the following day. In addition, he was able to knock a few dollars off the sellers asking price. With Paul's help and expertise, this has ended up being a simple straight forward purchase with confidence. I would definitely be using his services in the future and would recommend them to anyone else in the market for a bike."
Rys F
"I bought a Ducati Streetfighter via private sale after Paul provided a pre-purchase inspection. I'm not mechanically minded and buying a bike without rego worried me. Paul provided a friendly, thorough service and detailed in certain terms the current state of the bike and any work that was required to get it rego'd. Additionally he helped negotiate a lower price for the bike which more than equalled the cost of the inspection."
Brendan C
"My overall experience with MIS was exceptional. From the moment I rang Paul from MIS I was impressed with professionalism and knowledge of the bike I was interested in buying. Booking the inspection was seamless and on the day of the inspection I was more than happy with the whole process and also the advice given to me by Paul. His knowledge and wealth of experience was very assuring."
Ross H
"I would like to thank Paul for his excellent and through service. Being new to bikes I wanted someone else to have a look at my purchase to make sure I was not buying a lemon. I messaged Paul I was interested in his inspection services and he got back to me within the hour, giving me a quote and a run through of what he would do. On the day Paul arrived 15 minutes EARLY and I was impressed to see that by the time I got there, he already began his inspection of the bike. As I am new to bikes but keen to learn about them, Paul explained in detail each and every one of the checks he was doing and why, not only giving me some piece of mind but also teaching me the basics of bike mechanics. After Paul completed his inspection and test ride of the bike (which altogether took over an hour), he told me he’d send a report in within 24 hours, and I was impressed with his attention to detail and meticulous analysis of the bike. I’d recommend Paul to anyone as he’s very knowledgeable about bikes, offers competitive pricing (actually the cheapest I found), has excellent customer service, and top of all is a friendly and genuine guy."
Yash B
"i would like to thank paul from MIS for his fast and friendly response to my needs on inspecting a bike i wanted to purchase. the professionalism and service that he provided and the detailed report that he supplied was just top class! meeting him in person just after the inspection was such a pleasure to see how thorough he was and so detailed in explaining the pros and cons of the bike, the passion and time he took to go over every bit of the bike was worth every cent for his service! i now am the happy owner of a harley davidson softail deluxe, i will recommend him to anyone who needs someone who knows there bikes. awesome work paul till next time. thank you."
John V
"Being fairly new to motorbikes it was very reassuring to have the bike that I was looking at thoroughly checked out. The report gave me the confidence to know that I was looking at a good bike at a good price. It also gave me the confidence to know what needed to be serviced immediately. Paul happily answered all my questions, dumb or otherwise. I would not hesitate to use the service again and/or to recommend the service to a friend."
Murray C
"Thank you very much for your time and effort. To anyone looking to purchase a bike interstate like I have or locally, I would recommend using Paul Davidson to inspect and report on the condition of a bike. The service was quick and informative so I could make the right decision on whether or not to buy.Thankyou Paul for your assistance."
Craig H
"Thank you for your report. It is very thorough and I am very pleased with the level of professionalism and service you have displayed. It is simply outstanding, and priced very competitively. Right off the bat you demonstrated that you had firsthand knowledge of the motorcycle I was purchasing (Honda GB400TT) and after the inspection, we found out you also knew the dealers who imported the bike I was buying and the quality of their motorcycles! That you already knew the heritage of the bike was a major bonus in confirming whether I should go ahead with the purchase. Whilst I was not able to attend the inspection myself, your report demonstrates that you take the upmost attention to detail in your work. The seller had also mentioned that you took the necessary time (1.5 hours!) to inspect and test the bike, which I am very pleased about as it showed you take pride in your work and would choose to do it well rather than rush off to another job. Thank you for your time and effort Paul. I am very happy with my new motorcycle which I have bought at a great price and can now rest assured it's not a lemon! I would definitely recommend your services to anyone looking to buy a second hand motorcycle. Compared to the cost of a motorcycle, it would be silly to not have a professional pre-inspection done."
Waikei L
"I am unaware of any motorcycle inspection service that claims to provide the same or better quality of service than MIS. Paul not only inspected a bike for me, he also helped guide me to find a suitable bike from the myriad ones available. If I didn't get help from MIS, I don't know where I would be today, but it's possible that I may have bought a bike that was a "lemon". I may have bought a bike that would have been better than I thought it actually was. Paul answered my emails quickly, and his attention to detail in the inspection was evident in his call straight after the inspection and the report."
James R
"Called Paul from MIS after reading great reviews online. As a new rider, Paul kindly agreed to inspect a Honda CB400 up on the Central Coast for me - it was a long way out of his way and short notice, but Paul delivered. He was professional and very knowledgable - answering all my questions and pointing out a number of other key considerations to ensure I made an informed decision. After seeing the bike, Paul called to provide me with prompt feedback and full detailed report was in my inbox less than 6 hours later. Paul provided me with guidance on negotiating a fair price which was invaluable, and left me well placed to close out what I hope is a successful and trouble free purchase. Many thanks mate."
Glen S
"The service Paul offers through MIS is invaluable for interstate buyers like me. That said, having experienced the thoroughness and detail of the inspection, I would recommend the service to a local purchaser. The report gives you great confidence upon which you can base your purchase decision. The service is very personalised with great communication and follow up."
Simon L
"Thank you for the report. It is much appreciated. Your service as a professional is very thorough and very well executed. Your business and your staff, including yourself, are extremely efficient and "to-the-point" in both your emails and phone calls. I very much liked the phone call right after the inspection as it means I get to talk to the inspector about the bike and ask questions instead of waiting for emails going back and forth. The call itself is very professional and a very good part of the business. Thanks again."
Aidan C
"I was greatly satisfied with the service provided to me by MIS, very professionaland fantastic customer service. Very thorough check over the bike. This request was on short notice and not one of the closest suburbs to travel to despite the odds my request was accommodated, thank you so much! If you need to have a motorcycle inspected before you purchase it and do not have as much knowledge about motorcycles or even if you do i would recommend MIS to all. The original price was negotiated down as well, a superb service in all aspects."
Owen C
"Thanks for the great service you have provided. Paul is a gentleman, and was extremely helpful, progressional and knowledgeable, he was 20 minutes before the scheduled inspection time and started checking the bike even before I have arrived, pure professionalism, he helped me to negotiate price on my behalf, I will definitely recommendate his service to my friends, thanks again."
Jack G